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2017 European Champion: Donna Ryder

Donna Ryder 2017 European Racquetball Champion

Introducing our champion: Donna Ryder

Donna Ryder won her first European title in The Hague. Recently she won the Irish Open title as well. Time to get to know our top female player a bit better.

Name, age: Donna Ryder, 27 years old.

Club: Playing at the Newport Racquetball Club.

Gear: Pro Kennex racquets and Roll Out gear

Career: Playing-13 years (since 2004); junior teams include Mexico(2005), USA(2006), Bolivia(2007) & Dominican Republic(2009) Senior Worlds include-Ireland(2008) Canada(2014) & Columbia(2016) Europeans-Germany(2011) Italy(2013) Netherlands(2017).

Donna is coached by Jim Winterton.

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