USA Racquetball National Doubles 2019

2019 USA Racquetball National Doubles Broadcast

Starting Thursday the 7th of February 2019, you will be able to watch the matches livestreamed by USA Racquetball here on this page.

You can view the draws here:

Reporting from The Racquetball Blog:
February 7
February 8
February 8 completed
February 9
February 10

Reporting from Pro Racquetball Stats:
Wrap Up

(Click on the folders icon at the top right of the photo below to see the matches available to watch.)
(If the Livestream matches have a strange shape on your device, then tap or click on the Livestream flag at the bottom right to view the playlist on Livestream itself.)

You will also be able to watch the live streaming of the matches here:

and on Facebook, on USA Racquetball’s page.