Esperanza High School Racquetball Courts

2022 SoCal Vegas 3 Wall Ball Warm-Ups Broadcast

SoCal Vegas 3 Wall Ball Warm-Ups
Esperanza High School
1830 N Kellogg Dr
Anaheim, California 92807

September 17, 2022

Recap by Stephen Fitzsimons:

Results from the So Cal 3WB Warmups held at Esperanza High School.

Two divisions today, First up is the Pro or Upper division:
8 teams competed in 1 group playing 7 games to 11. Top 6 teams advance to the playoffs.
1) Rocky Carson / Jesus Ustarroz
2) Geoff Osberg / Gabe Medina
3) Luis Avila / Patrick Allin
4) Tony Burg / Scott St Clair
5) Rick Sodaman Koll / josh Tucker
6) Lou Orosco / Ceaser

Top 2 teams receive the 1st round bye

Quarter finals:
Tony Burg / Scott St Clair defeat Rick Sodaman Koll / Josh Tucker 15-12
Lou Orosco / Ceaser defeat Luis Avila / Patrick Allin 15*9

Rocky Carson / Jesus Ustarroz defeat Tony Burg / Scott St Clair 15-12
Geoff Osberg / Gabe Media defeat Lou Orosco / Ceaser 15*9

Rocky Carson / Jesus Ustarroz defeat Geoff Osberg / Gabe Medina 15-8
1st place $200.00 per team
2nd place $150.00 per team

Second division was the lower doubles.

5 teams playing 1 game to 15. Top 2 teams advance to the finals
1st Issac Martinez / Luis Saldana
2nd Ron Harraka / Jim Christensen

Ron Harraka / Jim Christensen defeat Issac Martinez / Luis Saldana 15-10

1st $100.00 per team
2nd $ 60.00 per team

The upper division games that were on the outermost court were broadcast by Daily Racquetball simultaneously on Facebook and YouTube. The round robin matchups are collected together, then the quarterfinals, then the finals.

Facebook playlist: