Lewis Drug Pro AM Racquetball Tournament 2018

40th Annual Lewis pro-Am Racquetball Tournament on KDLT

KDLT ran two videos during their newcast on January 16th and 17th, 2017.

Carson, Pros Love Playing the Lewis

SIOUX FALLS, SD… The 40th Annual Lewis pro-Am Racquetball Tournament starts Thursday and close to 40 of the world’s top pros will be competing for the top prize on the I-R-T Tier One event. California native Rocky Carson has been coming to Sioux Falls for 2 decades and while his goal is to win, which he’s done several times, he also enjoys the hospitality that is rolled out for all of the players from around the world.


40 Years of Lewis Pro-Am Racquetball

SIOUX FALLS, SD… The Lewis Pro-Am Racquetball Tournament starts Thursday in Sioux Falls and runs through Sunday when all championship matches will be played. It is now the longest-running tournament in the country. And when the Lewis made the jump to a Tier One event on the International Racquetball Tour, it became a “can’t miss” event for all of the world’s top pros. Most of them like Rocky Carson have been coming for almost 2 decades because of the great atmosphere provided by Mark Griffin and his staff. And he’s made sure that hasn’t changed. Incidentally, the Pro Singles championship match will be televised Sunday at 11 am on KDLT’s antenna TV channel.

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