Texas Racquetball Association

Are You Investigating All Aspects Of The Rules?

Is your state or local racquetball association helping you learn all of the aspects of the rules?

This article was posted by Johnny Boyd on the Texas Racquetball Association website on January 6, 2018.


In this article, I address the concepts of the return. While it may seem to be an advance concept, it’s actually a key fundamental aspect of learning how racquetball is played. With new players, TXRA recommends players learn enough about the rules to get started, get on the court, and have fun. As one continues to learn about the rules, or needs a refresher, do take time to learn these important concepts. Players improve their effectiveness during the game.

I am sure my physics professor would be amused with my using the atomic diagram to illustrate an important aspect of racquetball. The return, is without question, the nucleus of playing racquetball, that defining moment during the rally where a player scores a point or wins the serve for an opportunity to score a point. While the return may not rise to an atomic level, the process of returning the ball back and forth between players has certainly produced some of the most electrifying and memorable rallies of the sport.

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