Pro Racquetball Academy

Fitness Forever Junior Racquetball Class – Example Schedule

The Pro Racquetball Academy in association with the Reaching Your Dream Foundation has a plan for driving junior racquetball involvement.

Junior Racquetball Post… I think tonight’s practice plans are a good opportunity to show other racquetball players an example of our practice plans prior to the class. We have a lot of instructors attending tonight, so I’m going to attempt to film some court instruction and showcase on the RYDF Facebook Page, so be on the look out for that. We’re not going to go live tonight, as I want to edit the content and provide good footage for you all to use for your own classes, or just to motivate all the RB players out there to get juniors playing at your home club. My guess is we’ll have 35-45 kids attend tonight on 8 courts for about 90 minutes. – John Ellis

Fitness Forever Junior Racquetball Class