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Florida Racquetball Association – News Flash

News Flash from the Florida Racquetball Association post on their Facebook page on January 2, 2018.

The Next Generation – The FRA has some VERY exciting news! In an effort to grow our tournaments and promote racquetball, the Board unanimously voted to make it much more affordable for Juniors and College-Aged players to play state-sanctioned events (State Singles, State Doubles, Florida Open and maybe the IRT stop).

Going forward, all Juniors and College-Aged Students will only be charged $10 per event for those events regardless of how many divisions the player chooses to play. That is right; it will basically be free for Juniors and College-Aged players to play some of the biggest events of the year. We actually already have 10 College players signed up for State Singles from the University of West Florida and University of Central Florida as part of this new program! Are you a Junior or College player? Do you know one? Take Advantage! This is a great way to promote our sport!

Please note that all players taking advantage of this offer will still need a valid USAR membership (College or Junior). Please also note that the Board reserves the right to refuse this program to any player who no-shows a tournament without proper notice or without extenuating circumstances. Basically, show-up if you sign up and you are GOOD!