IRF XXXV Pan American Racquetball Championships Guatemala 2024

XXXV Pan American Racquetball Championships Guatemala 2024
Domo Complejo de Racquetball
Avenida Final 10-27 Zona 13
Guatemala City, Guatemala
March 22 – 31, 2024


Ten countries have players representing them at this event.
Argentina – 3
Canada – 6
Chile – 4
Costa Rica – 5
Cuba – 7
Dominican Republic – 6
Guatemala – 8
Honduras – 2
Mexico – 2
United States – 6

Notable for their absence: Bolivia. Colombia. Ecuador (only there as referees, not playing). Mexico’s women’s team. A surprising number of top players from countries that have representatives at the event.

Pool play starts on Saturday 3/23. The results of the pool play will provide the seeding for the championship division starting on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Team USA updates a blog daily throughout these international events. You can find it here:

Reporting from The Racquetball Blog:
Day 1 Recap

Matches will be broadcast on Facebook Live and on YouTube Live.

The match playlist below will be updated as time allows during the event.