IRT 2023 KWM Gutterman MN Hall of Fame Event – Broadcast and Reporting

2023 KWM Gutterman MN Hall of Fame Event
University Of Minnesota
123 SE Harvard St.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455
March 3-5, 2023


Minnesota Racquetball Hall of Fame: Facebook page

Pro Racquetball Stats has an excellent tool called the Tale of the Tape. This tool lets you compare two opponents’ history, to see if they have matched up, and how often, and what their records are against each other. You can use this with the draw above to have a better understanding of what to expect from each given match.

Reporting from The Racquetball Blog:
Round of 32 Recap
Round of 16 Recap
Quarterfinals Recap
Semifinals Recap
Finals Recap
Bonus Reporting

Reporting from Pro Racquetball Stats:

Matches were broadcast on Facebook Live and on YouTube Live and are embedded in the playlist below.