2018 International Racquetball Tour

IRT – Top 10 Players, Historically

Pro Racquetball Stats produced this great graphic representation of the top 10 players every year for the men’s professional tours.

A very interesting look at history.

Visual depiction of Men’s top 10 rankings historically

Take a look, it shows the ebb and flow of all players ranked in the top 10 over time. It starts in the 1974-5 season, the first official “pro” tour season, and leverages results at the DP/Leach Nationals for the first few seasons to determine the top 10. In 1981-82, we had a points race for the top 10 for the first time, and have had it ever since.

Here’s a fun fact: in the entire history of the pro tour, now covering more than 45 years … there’s only been a grand total of 79 distinct players who have finished in the top 10 in a given season on tour.