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Player Profile Provided By Texas Racquetball Association

The Texas Racquetball Association has started a series of articles about the players that have contributed and are contributing to the sport of racquetball in Texas. The first article in the series celebrates Bernadette Zimmerman who has been playing since 2002.


Fifteen years ago, Bernadette Zimmerman delved into a sport she would grow to love. It didn’t take long for her to decide it was the sport for her. And it was all on a whim as she was searching for something to do indoors and keep her in shape.

“I discovered racquetball at a local recreation center in early 2002,” Zimmerman said. “[I was] looking for an indoor, year-round activity/hobby. There was a group of adults playing doubles who were kind enough to give me some helpful tips. From there, I was hooked immediately. 

“By May of the same year, I signed up for my first shootout at the Maverick Athletic Club in Arlington, Texas. The first of many Triple Crown Shootouts I would play in.”

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