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John Ellis of the Pro Racquetball Academy has posted the plans for the next Fitness Forever junior racquetball training session. These happen about once a week at the In-Shape Sports Clubs near Stockton, California. If you are looking to start a juniors program in your area, this is a good one to mimic. (Stockton is the hometown of a number of touring pros, including John Ellis, Bobby Horn, Jose Diaz, Jose Rojas, and Markie Rojas, as well as USA Racquetball national team coaches Dave Ellis and Jody Nance.)

Racquetballers….. These are our Junior RB Plans for our Fitness Forever Junior RB Class tonight at In-Shape West Lane. We expect 35-45 kids in attendance tonight. It’s quite a production, and only possible with all of these instructors involved, along with a few key staff components outside the courts. One of these days we’ll live stream a full class for you all to see…. BTW, this is regular stuff in Mexico, Bolivia, etc. That’s why we see the international flavor doing so well at the US Open and other international events. Time to pick up the efforts out there in other parts of the USA.


In-Shape West Lane
Monday, October 9th

Group Pairings: Challenger Rotations & Starter Breakout

Court 1 (Elli)
Position 2 Serving Options
Initial serving practice of drive to left/right and hard Z to left/right
Play rallies

Court 2 (Dave)
Situational Games
DTL second bounce past the short line to begin rally
CC second bounce past the short line to begin rally
*Blast option feed available at any time

Court 3 (Serna)
Speed & Cork Drills

Court 4 (Jody)
Service Area Shots
Four main options; DTL, CC, pinch near corner, reverse pinch
Make sure to stress moving their feet and getting their hips turned towards the target

Court 5 (Ricky)
Instructor Rallies
Keep the kids safe in the corners!

Court 6 (Jesse)
2-3 Bounce Rallies w/Unique Feeds to Begin
Jesse will give the first feed, and make them different each time
Winner of the rally stays
5 wins in a row moves them to the back of the line.

Court 7 (Knox)
Instructor Feeds
Center court tosses
Front to back tosses

Upstairs or Tennis Courts (Diaz)
Ladder & Hurdle Drills
High energy, make it fun!