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Todd Boss of Pro Racquetball Stats made this announcement on December 27, 2017.


Hello all, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all!

A quick but major announcement: I have been working with LA-based racquetball enthusiast and UI/UX developer Wayne Saucier on a redesign of the interface.

Today we launch it. If you go to the top level URL or if you go to the old entry point ( you’ll redirect to a great new design that I owe to Wayne’s work.

There’s more to come as well; eventually we’ll re-factor all the report result tables to have a great new look and feel (see a beta by querying the Quarters/Semis/Finals of individual events), and with any luck create perma-links to specific queries so we can embed them permanently or send direct links to player-specific reports. But we’ll get there.

For now; enjoy the new front-end interface and as always, any and all feedback is welcome. If you run into any re-direct bugs, feel free to DM me.