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Racquetball variants… which ones have you played? Which ones do you play that we’ve missed?

Cut-throat, three players, server against 2 defenders, server rotates to defense at loss of serve.

In-and-out (also known as Ghost), three players, server against 1 defender, third player stays out of the way, rally loser rotates out.

Iron-man, three players, server against a team of two. Best played in 3 games, where each player has a chance to be the team of 1.

Rally serving, two players, a point is scored on every serve. Options: receiving player stays receiving until server scores a point, same player serves entire game, receiving player calls the serve…

The back wall is lava, two players, if the ball bounces off the back wall more than 6-18 inches from the floor (depending on skill of the players), then the rally is lost by the player that hit it too high and too hard.

Rally start, two players, start from a particular type of shot and then continue play as normal. Every rally starts from that shot type. Ceiling ball, left up splat, etc.

Small ball, two players, shots hit with power are not allowed. Play only between the foot fault line and the front wall, and one side wall becomes the front wall. Focus is on control of the shot and of your opponent’s location.

Down the line, two players, points are only scored for unforced errors or getting the ball to the back wall past your opponent.

Extra focus, two players, one player may only try to end a rally with a particular shot type all other shots by that player need to be ceiling balls or around the world type shots. Backhand only, reverse pinch only, etc.

Skip minus, two or three players, any rally that ends in a skipped ball results in the loss of a point for the player that skipped the ball. An excellent way to help improve your game.

More details on Skip minus:

An example of In-and-out:

An example of Iron-man:

Small ball:

Down the line:

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