Team Dovetail Presents the 2024 USA Racquetball High School National Championships

Team Dovetail Presents the 2024 USA Racquetball High School National Championships
Vetta Concord
12320 Old Tesson Rd
Saint Louis, Missouri 63128
February 28 – March 3, 2024



Olympic Format with 4 flights in each age group, Gold, Blue, Red & White, thus ensuring that a player typically has a minimum of 3 matches per division and eventually plays against similarly skilled players during the event.
All Divisions will receive 1st – 4th place National Championship medals.

Players will compete for team and individual National Racquetball Championships in Boys, Girls, and Overall Team Competition. Teams will consist of players in 6 singles divisions, 3 doubles divisions for boys, girls, and 3 mixed divisions. Divisions are numbered 1 thru 6 in singles and 1, 2, and 3 in doubles. The top-ranked player on a team must enter Division #1, the second-ranked player in Division #2, and so on. Division #6 in singles and Division #3 in all doubles events are open to all players not entered in a higher division. No two players from the same school may play in the same division, except Division #6 in singles, and Divisions #3 in all doubles events. If there are fewer than 6 players, boys or girls, on a team, divisions must be filled from the top first, that is Division #1 Singles, then Division #2 Singles, and so on.
All singles players are guaranteed 3 matches, including forfeits and byes. All players will earn points for their school toward the Team Championships. Players may enter 3-events, however, they must be separate events, and the 3rd event must be mixed doubles. Singles divisions will use Olympic Format (Gold, plus Blue, Red, and White).

Doubles divisions will be single elimination and have only one consolation round. In doubles, just as in singles, the intent is for the best doubles team from each school to enter Division #1, the second-best team will enter Division #2, etc.

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