2017 Butte Shoutout Racquetball

Tech Racquetball Club hosts “Butte Shootout”

Ore Digger Media reported on October 1, 2017.


The sound of high-intensity action and sportsmanship ricocheted off the walls of Montana Tech’s racquetball courts on September 30th as the line of one-day-shootout participants grew. Starting at 8AM, Chris Robbins, senior at Montana Tech and president of Tech’s Racquetball Club, teamed up with Brian Ranf, of the Montana Racquetball Association, to host the “Butte Shootout” in Montana Tech’s HPER from 10AM to 6PM. The event featured “Singles” and “Doubles” games that attracted a variety of players including those who traveled from Billings, Bozeman, Great Falls, Red Lodge, and Canada.

Among the 35 players who participated Saturday, Matt Majxner and his protégé, Gatlin Sutherland, joined Montana Tech students, faculty, and friends for the shootout. Majxner, resident of Bozeman, brought racquetballs donated by himself and the Montana State University Racquetball Club for players to use during the shootout.

When asked what Majxner likes most about the sport, the open division professional player responded, “I like the whole process of it. It’s a lot more strategy. As the understanding gets better, the game gets better, and the flow of the game.”

For Majxner, the focus of his game is “speed, retrieval, and outlasting opponents”.
Majxner, who has been playing from a young age, shared that he learned racquetball from his dad and used to go practice with him before school. Now, Majxner is helping coach Gatlin Sutherland, from Great Falls, as he aims for the World Racquetball Tour in November.

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