The World Games Athlete Of The Year – Conrrado Moscoso

The World Games hosts international competition for organized sports that do not feature in the Olympics themselves. These events are held every four years, in general, starting in 1981.

They also offer a fan competition to elect an Athlete Of The Year, via their social media accounts and their website.

In January 2024, the competition included Bolivian racquetball player Conrrado Moscoso in addition to 27 other sports champions. It is not completely clear which event or events were used to select these sports champions.

Here is Conrrado’s full match playlist on YouTube, featuring matches broadcast by the International Racquetball Tour and the International Racquetball Federation.

Voting took place on the World Games website, which allowed voters to vote once per day per device. Voting took place in two stages, with the top 10 in the first stage having their votes reset and then only those 10 being eligible for voting in the second stage. Conrrado was the leader at the end of both stages.

This is the video that was shared on the voting page to give a bit more of his background.

The World Games then published two articles one summarizing the final votes and their thoughts on that.

Another was a very brief interview with Conrrado Moscoso.