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USA Racquetball Board Of Directors Election – 2018 Nomination Period Open Now

2018 Board of Directors Nomination

USA Racquetball Board of Directors Election

Candidates sought to fill the three upcoming vacancies.

USA Racquetball is currently seeking individuals to serve on the Board of Directors. The Board should ideally reflect the diversity of our members, including experience (both life and business), geography, gender, age, and ethnicity. Potential candidates should possess a strong work ethic, excellent communication skills (both verbal and written), passion for the sport, and the time to be very involved, well beyond the two annual face-to-face meetings and regular conference calls (e.g., committee work).

Specific experience in marketing, fundraising, public relations, finance and technology is preferred. Potential Board members should be willing to be directly involved in fundraising activities, be citizens of the United States who are at least 18 years of age, and maintain a current USA Racquetball membership. Below is an expanded explanation and information from the USA Racquetball By-Laws pertaining to the duties of serving on the Board of Directors.

1. Attendance at face-to-face meetings (National Singles and US Open).

Bylaws 404.0.C

C. If a Board member has two physical consecutive unexcused absences from biannual Board of Directors meetings, he/she automatically vacates his/her position on the Board. Electronic participation is allowed for one biannual meeting in each calendar year if the conference call attendance requirement has been met as described in this section.

2. Conference calls the last Monday of every month, 90 -120 minutes. Bylaws 404.0.C

If a Board member who has served all 12 months in a calendar year does not attend at least 50% of the scheduled conference call meetings in the course of that year, he/she automatically vacates his/her position on the Board. (Exception: excused absences as determined by the Executive Committee) For Board members who have served part of the calendar year, if he/she does not attend at least 50% of the scheduled conference call meetings during his/her time of service, he/she automatically vacates his/her position on the Board.

3. Member or chair of two to three working committees with corresponding meetings as scheduled by the committee chair.

Are you up to the challenge to help guide our Sport? Or, do you know someone you would like to see serve on the Board?

Please send your statement of interest and photo* by Friday, October 27, 2017, to: or contact Leo R. Vasquez at for more information.

*Please include a digital picture (head shot) and a statement of interest in 200 words or less, “Why I want to serve on the USA Racquetball Board of Directors.”

The election itself will take place in March 2018 with results announced in April 2018.

New Board members will officially take their seats at the conclusion of the USA Racquetball Board of Directors meeting at National Singles in late May 2018.

For more information visit the USA Racquetball website at: