Texas Racquetball Association

Why we all love racquetball – by Dale Gosser of Texas Racquetball Association

This article originally appeared on the Texas Racquetball Association‘s website on November 15, 2017.


We all have different reasons for playing racquetball. It could be health, camaraderie, competition, etc. But no matter the reason, we need to promote our sport and keep it going strong. 

As a member of the TXRA board, we are charged with helping and providing the necessary guidance to other TXRA and racquetball enthusiasts. We’ve recently launched a new website (check it out at txra.org). We are also conducting a survey to learn more about what players’ needs are and how we can help them achieve them. We encourage you to visit the site and become a USAR member.

For me, I play for various reasons. For the last couple of years, camaraderie has been the main issue, in addition to getting the necessary exercise I need.

We all go through tough times in our life. I have recently. But my racquetball family has been there for me whenever I’ve needed picking up. If not for my many friends, whether it’s been words of encouragement or on-court play, I’m not sure how I would have gotten through some evenings and weekends. 

That’s why when I attend tournaments at The Maverick in Arlington, I enjoy working the tournament desk. It’s the interaction with other players and supporters. It’s the thrill of trying to keep the tourney running on time, seeing great matches and the funny conversations. 

You can count on several things in life as they say — death, taxes and that Charles Cotton will always show up for his match at the last minute. Sorry Charles. But it’s true. 

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