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XXIX 2017 Junior World Racquetball Championship Blogs – Day 9

Day 9 of the USA Racquetball XXIX 2017 Junior World Racquetball Championship Blogs has been published by Cheryl Kirk.

Originally published on November 11, 2017.


US Junior Team — Blog #9
Saturday, November 11, 2017

Well, the XXIX IRF World Racquetball Championships is indeed in the record books. What a day, full of highs and lows, but mostly highs as the team celebrated the double Golds of Sonya Shetty and Akul Ramayani as well as an impressive amassing of Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in 22 divisions!
Coaches Charlie and Jen are preparing final comments, to be published tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon in the blog at In the meantime, here we go…
First, Saturday’s match results:
G12S — Heather Mahoney def. Natalia Mita (BOL) (15-5, 15-4)
G10S — Sonya Shetty def. Natalia Mendez (BOL) (15-0, 15-12)
C14S — Cody Thomas (USA) lost to Andrew Gleason (USA) (0-15, 1-15)
C12S — Alexander Gomez lost to Manuel Oyhanart (ARG) (2-15, 5-15)
C12S — Krish Maini lost to Benjamin Vivar Correa (CHI) (4-15, 6-15)
C12S — Joshua Tramm (USA) lost to Caleb Marshall (USA) (4-15, 1-15)
B14S — Akul Ramayani def. Sebastian Longoria (MEX) (15-10, 15-5)
G12D — Esha Cyril/Arya Cyril lost to Angela Veronica Ortega/Carolina Bonifacio (MEX) (9-15, 8-15)
G10D — Sonya Shetty/Ava Naworski def. Zara Ximena Barraza/Maria Fernanda Trujillo (MEX) (15-3, 15-3)
G10D — Adriana Perez/Ashlyn Carver lost to Ashly Arce/Ared Arce (CR) (2-15, 3-15)
G14D — Julia Stein/Heather Mahoney def. Riley Somerville/Juliette Parent (CAN) (15-8, 15-4)
B12D — Vedant Chauhan/Josh Shea lost to Juan Carlos Picard/Luis Alberto Rentaria Perea (MEX) (15-8, 12-15, 5-11)
B10D — Joseph Marshall/Bobby Singh lost to Eder Renteria Perea/Mauricio Gomez Paez (MEX) (0-15, 2-15)
G12D — Ava Kaiser/Kareena Mathew def. Thea Coleman/Sarah Ainsworth (IRE) (15-8, 15-12)
B18S — Mauro Daniel Rojas def. Eduardo Portillo (MEX) (15-6, 15-14)
B14D — Akul Ramayani/Antonio Tatoe Rojas def. Erick Trujillo/Sebastian Longoria (MEX) (15-12, 15-11)
G16D — Briana Jacquet/Graciana Wargo lost to Ana Laura Flores/Delia Alejandra Aguilar (MEX) (4-15, 2-15)
G18D — Hollie Scott/Megan Carver def. Montserrat Mejia/Denisse Maldonado Munoz (MEX) (15-14, 15-13)
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