Daily Racquetball

2017 Recap For Daily Racquetball

Daily Racquetball is celebrating the end of the first calendar year of its existence. Daily Racquetball celebrates racquetball – news, video, events, and more – primarily though Facebook but will also bring stories of greater long term interest to the website.

Daily Racquetball published 293 articles on the website from its start date thru 12/31/2017.

The categories break down like this (there is some overlap, as a few stories will cover multiple organizations):

International Racquetball Federation 83

Español 50

Juniors 48

USA Racquetball 45

International Racquetball Tour 29

World Racquetball Tour 26

Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour 23

Français 9

Drills 9

Military Racquetball Federation 5

Rallies Of The Day 5

Outdoor 4

If there is something that you would like us to report more on in 2018, reach out to us via our Facebook page.

Other random stats about the Daily Racquetball project:
315 Followers on Facebook
67 Facebook racquetball groups followed
85 Racquetball athlete pages followed

Research today also revealed some flaws in the tracking applications in use on the website and the Facebook page. For example, every racquetball reporter will want to know which stories had the most viewers. Neither Facebook nor the Google Analytics module in use answer this in any reasonably discoverable report. 🙁 The search goes on for good info.

The full Google Analytics report was more than adequate at identifying the most popular areas of the website so far.

1) The IRF category page
2) The Racquetball Variants article
3) International Racquetball Federation Recognizes New German Federation press release
4) The Juniors category page
5) IRF – 2017 Junior World Racquetball Championships calendar page
6) IRT introduces new commercial for the sport article
7) The LPRT Boston Open 2017 Livestream Broadcast article and videos
8) The IRT category page
9) International Racquetball Tour Rules Changes for 2018 article
10) 2017 UnitedHealthcare US Open Thursday 10-5 article and videos

Play hard and play well in 2018!