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Gearbox Sports Signs Agreement with International Racquetball Federation for Official Ball

February 2, 2018 – In a landmark announcement made by Gearbox Sports and the International Racquetball Federation (IRF), the Gearbox racquetball was named the “Official Racquetball” of the IRF.

President of IRF Osvaldo Maggi stated, “We are extremely excited to have the Gearbox racquetball as our “Official Ball” as we move into a new era of promoting racquetball around the world. Our recent agreements with The Olympic Channel and Sports Online Productions demonstrate our commitment to making racquetball more entertaining to an online audience. We believe the Gearbox Racquetball will result in longer rallies and will add to the entertainment value of the sport.

This sentiment was echoed by Gearbox Sports President Rafael Filippini, “Gearbox is thrilled to join the IRF and combine its efforts to promote racquetball worldwide! Over the past 10 years, the Gearbox team has traveled non-stop, promoting racquetball throughout the U.S.A. at the grass-root level. We have visited hundreds of cities around the nation and met thousands of customers during these visits, either introducing them to racquetball for the first time or simply supporting their love of the game.

Now with the IRF platform, The Olympic Channel and Online Productions, our goal is to help showcase racquetball on the world stage. Our commitment to this goal is beyond our ball agreement, Gearbox aims to help grow the sport globally, attract more youth from the various countries to help the sport thrive and continue to support long time racquetball fans! We are looking forward to the new opportunities this union will be bring to the racquetball community.”

The Gearbox black ball will be the “Official Ball” of all IRF World and Continental tournaments in addition to the Olympic chain of events including the Pan American Games, South American Games, Central American Caribbean Games, and World Games.


About the IRF
The International Racquetball Federation is the international governing body of the sport of racquetball under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee. Founded in 1979, the IRF provides governance, rules, and leadership to its 83 national federation members. A member of GAISF beginning in 1980 and recognized by the IOC in 1985, the IRF offers three events annually and one, the IRF World Championships, biennially. It is the international umbrella organization for racquetball over the Olympic Chain of events such as the Pan American Games, World Games, Central American Games, Central American and Caribbean Games, and IRF Regional competitions.

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