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IRF 2018 World Championships Moved to Costa Rica


IRF World Championships Moved to Costa Rica

June 15, 2018

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA — The IRF World Championships will be hosted in San José, Costa Rica. Opening Ceremonies will be held on August 10th with competition ending August 18th. “We are very excited to host the World Championships,” said Marcelo Gómez, President of Costa Rica Racquetball. “We will make every effort to ensure that this will be a great event for players, delegates, and all who are involved.”

IRF Secretary General Luke St. Onge was delighted to share the news. “I think we can say that our plans for this year’s World Championships have been challenging. We are truly grateful to Marcelo Gómez and the members of the Federación Costarricense de Racquetball for stepping forward and hosting. The Pan American Racquetball Championships were held in San José in 2017, and it was an excellent event. We have no doubt this will be a memorable event as well.”

Costa Rica 2018 World Racquetball Championship