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WCW #11 – AKA Women Making Racquetball History Now! – Tara Borrero

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AKA Women Making Racquetball History Now!

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Name: Tara Borrero

Are you a pro player, coach, association board member, tournament organizer, or racquetball broadcaster AKA why do racquetball players know you?
Open/Elite Player & Tournament organizer
{Editor’s note, she’s also very humble. She has organized and run a charity racquetball tournament with only women that has 70+ players every year for the last 10 years. The proceeds from the event go to support cancer victims and their families, paying for things like mortgages and rent and everything else that comes up during treatment.
The HOPE for a Cure Breast Cancer Shootout 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 are all on R2 Sports.}

Where do you promote racquetball on social media and the web?
Facebook Group: Georgia Women’s Racquetball

Country of Origin: USA
Place you consider home: Atlanta, Georgia

Playing hand: Right

Year you started playing racquetball: 2005

First female mentor or idol in racquetball: Lynn Fonseca & Christy Van Hees

Favorite racquetball shot: KILL SHOT!! 🙂

Motivation for the game (what keeps you playing): Fast-paced and exciting at all times

Love most about racquetball: The amazing friends you get to meet from all walks of life

Preferred equipment: Sponsored by Gearbox

Favorite event: HOPE for a Cure Breast Cancer Charity event (held each Oct by yours truly)
Note that went out the week before the event in 2017: http://georgiaracquetball.info/2017-hope-for-a-cure-breast-cancer-racquetball-shootout/
Initial invite for that event once it was on R2 Sports: http://georgiaracquetball.info/2017-hope-for-a-cure-breast-cancer-shootout/
NEW Invite for 2018: http://georgiaracquetball.info/2018-hope-for-a-cure-first-info/

Best results at tournaments you’ve played in: My favorite moment is playing in my Women’s Senior/Masters and winning the “b” title in singles. I am very proud of this title as it was a ton of playing. It was the first time that I’ve played that much racquetball in a tournament. To come out on top was marvelous!

Day job: Regional Director of Operations

Charity close to your heart: There are a couple of organizations that I am very fond of. However, giving to individuals who need assistance is my favorite!

Other sports played in addition to racquetball: Grew up playing softball, running track (400m, 4x100m, 4x400m, 100m and 200m) and cheerleading


Do you know someone else we should be celebrating with this interview and feature process? Drop us a line on Facebook!