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Pro Racquetball Stats published this article on Facebook on February 5, 2018.

Hello Pro Racquetball Stats fans!

We have a bit of a “lull” in the Pro racquetball calendar for February, so I thought i’d take the opportunity to tell you about some of the new reports that we’ve added at (which now has a new logo too!):

– First off; we’ve built in the capability to allow direct URL linking by being able to pass parameters to the code. I’ll give direct links to each of the reports below that will allow you to just click and get the report.

– We (finally) fixed the non-forfeit Longest Match Winning streak report to show (for example) Kane Waselenchuk 134 match win streak properly. See this link:

– We also fixed the non-forfeit/non-no show Longest Tournament Winning Streak to show Kane’s recently ended 19 tourney win streak: on the IRT:

You can see the same query for the LPRT and see Paola Longoria‘s amazing 30-tournament winning streak from 2012-2014 here:

– After Charlie Pratt‘s win in Portland, we added a Highest and Lowest combined seeds to comprise the Finals, Semi-Finals and Quarters/Semis/Finals of a tournament on record. These reports can answer some pretty cool questions, such as “Have all four top seeds ever not made the semi finals?” Or, “Has a tournament ever gone completely ‘chalk’ from the quarters onwards? Here’s a link to the highest combined seeds in the final of an WRT event to show what the data looks like:

– I added in some “Counting Queries” that track the Most Wins and Most Losses on tour, right next to the existing “Most Appearances” on tour.

– I wrote up an Longest Consecutive Appearance Streak when I discovered how amazingly long Rocky Carson‘s current streak is. Check it out here:

– I added a quick “Number of Events per season” for the entire history of each tour to show how the number of events has varied over the years. Here that report is for the IRT dating to its inception in 1973-4 season:

– I’ve done some work adding “Home Country” for pretty much every player who has made at least a quarter final on the Men’s tours, then added that Country to the “Finals by Season” and “All Finals” reports. I also created a cool report that ONLY lists the countries of origin for the Q/S/F of every event so you can kind of see the evolution of country participation as the sport has grown in popularity in Central and South America.

– I added a quick listing of Quarters/Semis/Finals for all tourneys in one place: I like this query a lot; check it out for the WRT here:

– I fixed several little bugs encountered here and there, or as I was informed of issues by users of the site.

– Lastly, I added quick “back” links on every page to avoid cache-miss errors that occur sometimes. It isn’t a “fix” but does allow you to navigate backwards more easily.

I’ll be announcing another Live Demo of the site soon, where we’ll do a WebEx and I’ll go through and demonstrate all these new reports.
On the Rball calendar, we do have a few Amateur events this month:

Racquetball Canada just had their National Selection event with Sam Murray and Jen Saunders getting wins

USA Racquetball National Doubles is this coming weekend

Federacion Mexicana de Raquetbol‘s Mexican Nationals is later this month

See r2sports links (click on the event names) to follow along, and I’ll capture the data into the Amateur databases as the tournaments happen.