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Racquetball Discussion By The Pros – Horn, Bredenbeck, Knoth

Some that discuss professional racquetball like to do it in blogs, like The Racquetball Blog, or in Facebook posts, like Pro Racquetball Stats. Others have dabbled in audio recordings, like Restrung Magazine, Rival Racquetball, and The Racquetball Show.

Bobby Horn and Jake Bredenbeck have taken a different approach, with Facebook Live video and live question sessions before tournaments.

This episode features Taylor Knoth from Oregon and took place on January 11th, the week of the 2018 World Racquetball Tour Longhorn Open Racquetball Tournament.


Longhorn Open live chat with Jake Bredenbeck and Taylor Knoth

Posted by David " Bobby" Horn on Thursday, January 11, 2018