Racquetball team prepared for spring

The Polytechnic published this article on December 13, 2017.


Posted on December 13, 2017 in Features by Michael Kowalczyk, A Special to The Poly

Over the weekend of November 17–19, the Rensselaer Racquetball team traveled to Millersville, Maryland for its third meet of the 2017–2018 Eastern Collegiate Racquetball Conference season.

Following the meet, the 2017–2018 regular season standings were announced. The RPI Racquetball women’s team is in second place, the men’s team is in third place, and the combined team is in third place. Both teams have improved throughout the season, and the combined team is just 200 points out of second place overall.

Team President Will Puswald ’18 knows the 200 points can be made up in the final regular season meet. “Our whole team is very well-balanced, with seniors all the way to freshmen contributing to its success. It is amazing to see our entire team eager to go out and compete at such a high level,” said Puswald.

Team coaches and graduate student Kevin Mitchell and myself also voiced praise for the team. Coach Kevin recalls, “When I joined the team as a student, it was only five players. It was always a struggle to compete as a small team from a smaller school in the ECRC. Now, with a team of 16, we are able to challenge Pennsylvania State University, the University of Connecticut, and Army for the regular season championship.”

Over the course of the first three meets, the team has positioned itself to have its best regular season finish in over 10 years. I am extremely optimistic for the next meet in late January and regionals in late February. I would love for the team to take home some regular season awards, but more importantly, I am proud that everyone has improved over the course of the first semester. If anyone has ever played the sport or would like to give it a try, please reach out to someone on the team; email Puswald at puswaw@rpi.edu, and email Vice Presidents Melissa Helm ’20 and Nick Harrison ’19 at helmm2@rpi.edu and harrin4@rpi.edu, respectively.

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