This Week In Racquetball – Facebook/YouTube Live Q&A Scheduled Sessions

Will this be the new normal until (and after) the courts open back up and tournaments start being held? Let the tours and organizations know if you want more of these by visiting their Facebook pages or YouTube channels and Like/Share/Comment/Participate.

On Wednesday May 27th at *9* pm Eastern (changed after the announcement), the IRT will be hosting their Outside The Rally with Dean Baer and guest Cliff Swain.

Tune in to their Facebook page and/or YouTube Channel.


Then on Thursday the 28th at 8:30 pm Eastern, USA Racquetball will be hosting their 2020 Annual Awards Ceremony as a live stream on their Facebook page.

On Thursday the 28th at 9 pm Eastern, the LPRT Service Box with guests Alexandra Herrera and Montse Mejia. This interview will be conducted in Spanish.

Tune in to their Facebook Page and/or YouTube Channel.

Playlists for these two players so that you can get an idea for their game style before the interview:

Alexandra Herrera

Montse Mejia: