Steve Strandemo Racquetball

Tube Tuesday – Channel 13

Tube Tuesday!

Every Tuesday, we will post a link to a YouTube Channel that promotes racquetball! We will alternate between official tour/association channels with private channels. Want to be featured? Drop us a note!

This week we feature Steve Strandemo Racquetball and his 17 training videos.

You may recognize Steve Strandemo from the books he released in the 70s and 80s.

You can still pick those up thru Amazon.

When shopping on Amazon, I use the option to have Amazon donate a percentage of every sale to a charity.

When you first go to that site, you are invited to choose your charity.  If you search for ‘Racquetball’, there are 62 options that come up.  Some are state or city racquetball associations.  Some are bigger more widely applicable charities, like USA Racquetball, the US Military Racquetball Federation, or the National Masters Racquetball Association.  Quite a few are YMCA’s or JCC’s.  Currently, I support the Reaching Your Dream Foundation. RYDF doesn’t come up in the search for ‘racquetball’, but you can type it in manually.