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WCW #5 – AKA Women Making Racquetball History Now! – Gaby Martinez

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AKA Women Making Racquetball History Now!

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Name: Ana Gabriela Martínez González

Are you a pro player, coach, association board member, tournament organizer, or racquetball broadcaster AKA why do racquetball players know you?

I am a pro player that has also had great success internationally as a junior player.

Where do you promote racquetball on social media and the web?

Facebook Athlete Page:

Country of Origin: Guatemala
Place you consider home: Guatemala City

Have you ever been on your country’s national team? When?:
I have been on Guatemala´s national team, since I was 9 years old.

Did you play as a junior? When & how where you introduced to the competitive side of racquetball?
This is my last year as a junior, I have played all divisions since 2008.
Competing started three months after I started to play, always as a junior.
In 2013 I started to play as an Open player participating in the Central American Games, San José, Costa Rica.

Playing hand: Right

Year you started playing racquetball: 2007

First female mentor or idol in racquetball:
Never had an idol in racquetball or in life, I rather just focus in myself, than comparing with others. I started to play as a coincidence. My parents love sports and so they made me practice most of them when I was little. And the sound of racquetballs created some interest that made me try it. Since that moment I have always had a racquet by side.

Favorite racquetball shot: Splat

Motivation for the game (what keeps you playing):
I love to be representing my country all over the world. Racquetball has been most of my life, so I actually can´t imagine how my life would be without it.

Love most about racquetball:
That I am able to meet new places and people. Helps me be unstressed and healthy.

Preferred equipment: I´ve used E-force since I started to play, but I really like some other brands equipment.

Favorite event: The Pan American Games in Toronto.

Best results at tournaments you’ve played in:
7x World Junior Champion, 3x bronze medalist in Pan American Championships, Silver medal at Worlds two years ago.

Day job: Racquetball

Family shoutout:
My parents, my sister and my grandmother, everything I have done is thanks to them and I always try to do my best in the name of them.

Other sports played in addition to racquetball:
Soccer, dancing, swimming, badminton, volleyball, beach volleyball, tennis, squash, basketball, athletics and competed a couple times in fronton.