USA Racquetball

USA Racquetball Rules Changes Announced

Board of Directors Approves Rules Committee Recommendations

At its May 27, 2020, meeting, the USAR Board of Directors approved several changes to the USA Racquetball Official Rules of Racquetball. These rule changes will go into effect on September 1, 2020.

If you raise your racquet to signal that you are NOT ready to receive the serve, the entire head of the racquet must be held higher than one’s head to be acknowledged. [See Rule 3.5(a)].

As is currently allowed by the IRT, LPRT and the IRF, the USAR Rules will allow the server and the server’s partner to depart the service zone as soon as the server contacts the ball for the serve. [See Rules 3.2, 3.9(a), 3.10(i)].

The rule regarding technical fouls for delay of game will state that it applies to “significant or repetitive delays” and that assessing a technical warning first may correct the behavior. Referees may call either as appropriate. Examples of minor delays that may deserve no more than a warning are taking a few more than 10 seconds to get ready to receive or returning from a timeout a few seconds late. [See Rule 3.17(i)].

When the new Rulebook becomes available online on September 1, 2020, at, be sure to also review the Competition Policy and Procedures section at the back of the Rulebook that underwent a comprehensive look by the Rules Committee with ratification by the Board of Directors in May.

Since there have been no significant revisions to the Rulebook in over six years, reading the entire Rulebook once it is released will benefit all players and administrators!