LPRT 2022 Vero Beach Open

Vero Beach Open
Vero Fitness
1060 6th Ave
Vero Beach, Florida 32960
(772) 567-1400

February 17-19, 2022

Draws: https://www.r2sports.com/website/event-website.asp?TID=38227

Reporting from The Racquetball Blog:
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Quarterfinals Recap
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Reporting from Pro Racquetball Stats:

Pro Racquetball Stats has an excellent tool called the Tale of the Tape. This tool lets you compare two opponents’ history, to see if they have matched up, and how often, and what their records are against each other. The matchups below show those reports, the names link to the playlist of matches for the player.

Round of 32

16 vs 17 Hollie Rae Scott vs Cristina Amaya (Scott leads 1-0)

9 vs 24 Brenda Laime vs Maricruz Ortiz (first LPRT matchup)

12 vs 21 Erika Manilla vs Susy Acosta (first LPRT matchup)

13 vs 20 Kelani Lawrence vs Daniela Rico (first LPRT matchup)

14 vs 19 Maria Renee Rodriguez vs Montserrat Perez (Perez leads 2-1)

11 vs 22 Nancy Enriquez vs Veronica Sotomayor (first LPRT matchup)

10 vs 23 Carla Munoz vs Jenny Daza Navia (first LPRT matchup)

15 vs 18 Sheryl Lotts vs Micaela Meneses (first LPRT matchup)

Round of 16

1 vs 16/17 Paola Longoria vs Scott (Longoria leads 2-0)

2 vs 15/18 Alexandra Herrera vs Meneses (first LPRT matchup)

3 vs 14/19 Maria Jose Vargas vs Rodriguez (Vargas leads 5-0)

4 vs 13/20 Natalia Mendez vs Lawrence (first LPRT matchup)

5 vs 12/21 Angelica Barrios vs Manilla (first LPRT matchup)

6 vs 11/22 Montse Mejia vs Sotomayor (Sotomayor leads 1-0)

7 vs 10/23 Jessica Parrilla vs Daza (Parrilla leads 2-0)

8 vs 9/24 Rhonda Rajsich vs Laime (Rajsich leads 2-0)


1 vs 9 Longoria vs Laime (Longoria leads 1-0)

2 vs 23 Herrera vs Daza (first LPRT matchup)

3 vs 6 Vargas vs Mejia (Vargas leads 3-1)

12 vs 13 Manilla vs Lawrence (first LPRT matchup) (Lawrence leads in USA team qualifying matchups, 1-0)


1 vs 12 Longoria vs Manilla (Longoria leads 4-0)

2 vs 3 Herrera vs Vargas (Vargas leads 9-1)


1 vs 2 Longoria vs Herrera (Longoria leads 16-0)

Matches will be broadcast on Facebook Live and on YouTube Live.